Gas Geothermal Repair and Install

Simply Better

Geothermal systems provide heating and cooling more evenly than conventional equipment resulting in a significant increase in home comfort.

Reduced Operating Costs

75% of geothermal energy is free. After installation, you could see a simple payback of capital costs in less than 5 years.

Reduced Heating System Maintenance Costs

Geothermal systems have a longer life cycle: 25 years for the mechanical equipment and 50-plus years for the in-ground loop. Compare this to the 15-20 year life expectancy for traditional HVAC equipment, and geothermal just makes sense.

With absolutely no combustion, geothermal systems do not need annual service. The only monitoring needed is on the loop (for temperature and pressure). Air filters should be cleaned or changed regularly.

Increased Safety

We install geothermal equipment indoors. This increases the life of your equipment. Also, geothermal systems do not produce carbon monoxide—your family will enjoy enhanced home safety and peace of mind.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Typically, multi-stage units do not overheat or over cool and provide a very consistent temperature. The standard system features control humidity and full dehumidification is available using the ClimaDry option. These systems are easily matched to energy recovery ventilation for efficient use of fresh outdoor air.

Improved Comfort

Geothermal systems provide more consistent heating/cooling than conventional equipment, resulting in an extremely comfortable home environment. How? Conventional systems rely on high-heat sources such as combustion. This means heat is delivered in bursts. With geothermal, a lower temperature heat source constantly provides heat to your home. Fewer bursts. Reduced noise. More comfort.

A NextEnergy system makes use of the largest source of energy available—the ground beneath your feet.