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Every home needs a heating system and most require air conditioning of some sort. Appliance efficiency has become more important as energy costs rise and environmental concerns increase. To achieve higher efficiency ratings, the price of heating and cooling appliances has risen. We feel the best advice we can give to our clients is to over-insulate their homes and buy the most efficient appliance affordable. By following this advice, yearly energy consumption will reduce and future savings on energy purchases will quickly pay for the additional cost to purchase the high-efficiency appliance.

When Considering a New Heating System, What Are the Key Services that Triple Tech Supplies?

  1. We provide a free site visit to gather information
  2. Based upon the site information or building plans, we submit a free quote
  3. We supply and install the furnace or boiler
  4. We supply and install the heating system or cooling system
  5. We provide follow-up service for all heating and cooling systems
  6. We offer 24/7 emergency HVAC service


What Kind of Residential Central Heating Systems Does Triple Tech Supply?

  1. Forced-air
    1. Natural Gas
    2. Propane
    3. Oil
    4. Geothermal
    5. Electricity
  2. Boiler – Indoor
    1. Natural Gas
    2. Propane
    3. Oil
    4. Geothermal
    5. Electricity
  3. Wall-mounted zone heaters (for homes or cottages)
    1. Propane
  4. Heat Pumps (for heating and cooling)
  5. Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV) and an Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV)
  6. Gas Fireplaces


What Type of Heating Systems Does Triple Tech Install?

  1. Ductwork for forced-air systems
  2. In-floor heating for hot water systems
  3. In-ground lines and air exchangers for outdoor furnace installations


Can an Empyre Furnace Supply Heat for Our Swimming Pool or Hot Tub as well as Providing Heat for Our Home? Yes, both the outdoor and indoor models are equipped to handle two separate heating loops.

Does Triple Tech Supply Geo-Thermal Systems?
Yes, We are a Next Energy Authorized Dealer & Installer

What Kind of Air Conditioning Systems Does Triple Tech Supply?
There are basically two types of air conditioning systems we sell and install:

  1. Central Air: Installed within the existing ductwork to distribute cool air to the building.
  2. Ductless: Installed on a wall and blows cool air into the room. Perfect for homes without ductwork.


Does Triple Tech Provide Follow Up service for Air Conditioning Systems?


Will Triple Tech Service Air Conditioners that Were Purchased Elsewhere?


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